Julia Shipley

Julia Shipley

I'm a journalist.

I write about [extra]ordinary people, culture, community, rural life, agriculture, art and the environment.

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Northern Woodlands | Book Review: North Country

If your pulse jolts hearing the rusty cackle of a turkey; if a fly made of “mallard quill thorax ribbed in gold wire ahead of a roughened white hare drubbing, no wing” is your holy grail; if you’ve felt caught on the barbed wire fence between your heritage and your destiny...

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A Place In Mind | Northern Woodlands

The Creek Road is a half-dirt, half-paved thoroughfare in Northern Vermont. It runs two trucks wide in some places, one in others, crisscrossing watercourses – first the Black River, then Lord’s Creek. Helical, you might think if you saw this interplay of creek and road from above, like two strands in a hank of twine.